Contributors are the heart of the Magnify Conference. They share their experiences through talks, and facilitate workshops to generate discussion and ideas.

We especially encourage and welcome underrepresented people and those who have never been involved in a conference before to consider becoming a contributor.

Contributor submissions are now closed.

Become a contributor

Become a speaker

Share your experiences with equity-seeking approaches

Become a workshop facilitator

Plan and facilitate thought provoking discussions

Who contributors are

Magnify attendees are user-centred design and research practitioners, but we also like to learn from other professions who do adjacent work.

We would love to hear from you if your work relates to involving people that are excluded within design, research, service delivery or workplaces.

Some themes of interest are:

  • Community or peer researcher with lived experience
  • Cultivating resilience as user centred design practitioners
  • Alternative recruitment strategies to promote inclusion
  • Inclusive design and research at scale

What to expect

Magnify is an online conference in the aim of being as accessible as possible. We do things a little bit differently to ensure this, but will support you through the process.


Now until 28 June: Submit your idea
July: Submissions are anonymously evaluated and you will receive feedback
August: Join mentorship sessions to receive feedback
September: Record talks for captioning
October: Talks are captioned by humans
November: Join the conference and answer audience questions


Pre-recording talks

If you are a contributor presenting a talk, we pre-record them and then get them captioned by humans to ensure accuracy. This also helps avoid any technical issues! On the day of your talk, we will play your video and you will join a discussion with the host and answer any questions that the audience has.


We support contributors by providing mentoring and feedback throughout the process. If you have never presented before, we encourage you to apply and to email us if you would like to learn more.

We provide guidelines to help make talks and workshops as accessible as possible.


We are a small, community conference but try to make contributor participation as fair as possible. We provide honorariums to our contributors monetarily at a flat rate. Our baseline rates are listed below; however, this will increase when we confirm more sponsors:

  • Workshops: £250+
  • 35-45 minute talk: £250+
  • 15-20 minute talk: £200+
  • Panelist: £150+

Benefits of contributing

We build reciprocal relationships with our contributors to ensure that the Magnify experience benefits you too

  • Speak about your experience or generate discussions through workshops
  • Receive mentoring and support to develop and deliver your ideas
  • Receive a free ticket to the conference
  • Become a part of the Magnify network
  • Be a part of the movement to push forward our design practices
Magnify in 2021 was my first experience speaking at a conference. The entire event was so well organised, with Claudia and the team communicating things ahead of time, without putting any burden on speakers. I received a great deal of support around my talk topic and structure, but also around how to navigate a remote conference. The talk opened up many doors for me, allowing me to expand it into workshop afterwards. It was a great experience overall.
Hanieh Khosroshahi
UX Design Lead, YLabs

Application information

Our applications are currently closed.

If you are interested in submitting in the future, we have some tips provided. After the submission process, submissions are evaluated anonymously and scored by a panel. You can also see the 2021 conference programme to see the variety of sessions that took place.

For talks, here's what we are looking for:

  • Provide a clear and concise vision of your talk within the ‘teaser’ field
  • Be clear about which group(s) of people you are focusing on and the power dynamics they face
  • Outline the process or approach taken in your project
  • Breakdown how you will approach your talk chronologically
  • Describe what the audience will learn or take away

For workshops, here's what we are looking for:

  • Provide a clear and concise vision of your talk within the ‘teaser’ field
  • Outline why this topic is important and relates to inclusive design
  • Breakdown how you will approach your workshop chronologically
  • Describe what the audience will learn or take away
  • Tell us if the workshop has been designed for a specific level of experience

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out by emailing