Magnify 2023

We will explore topics that support practitioners implement equity-seeking design and research processes in meaningful ways online, across timezones.

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What we mean by diversity and inclusion

Many of us live in richly diverse societies, yet this diversity is not often reflected in products, services and systems offered because of the barriers that are created through their design.

For us, inclusive processes are about centring the voices of people from groups that have been marginalised by society and systems based on race, sexuality, age, ability, class and/or language.

Target audience

Our programme has been created by user-centred research and designers for:


  • User researchers
  • UX researchers
  • Design researchers


  • Content designers
  • Product designers
  • Service designers
  • UX designers

Prospective professionals

  • Students taking courses in related fields
  • People interested in switching careers

Watch the videos and view the programme from 2021 to get a sense of what will be covered.

How it works

After registering, you will receive email invitations to sign up for sessions and join our Slack group. During the conference, you will be invited to join our community space to share learnings and reflections with other attendees.

Our talks are pre-recorded to make them as accessible as possible, and reduce any tech problems! The recordings are available during and after the conference. Read more about our accessibility plan and let us know if you have any questions.

What's new this year:

We're keeping the popular panel discussions, inspiring talks, and collaborative workshops from 2021, while adding exciting new ways for you to connect with other attendees:

Coffee groups: Sign up for coffee sessions and be paired with a small group of other conference attendees to chat informally
Interactive communal wall: Record your reflections, learnings, and questions on each event for others to see

Collaborate with Magnify

Support Magnify as a sponsor and have your company recognised as an active partner in working towards inclusive design and research.

We have 3 sponsor packages to meet your business needs. These funds help:

  • provide speakers and workshop facilitators with honorariums
  • make our conference accessible during and after the conference by getting the talks captioned by humans
  • pay for conference costs to make it a success
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I found attending the last Magnify conference inspiring. To hear speakers talk about inclusion from so many different backgrounds is so valuable. To know you're not alone with your thinking and challenge self-doubt which is often distorted by narrow thinkers. This forum encourages the capability of all. I cannot recommend this conference any higher, something I endeavour never to miss.
Imran Akhtar
Magnify 2021 Attendee and Magnify 2023 Organiser

Promoting inclusivity

We are committed to making our conference as accessible and inclusive as possible.

Code of conduct

We are dedicated to ensuring our conference is a welcoming, harassment-free environment. To ensure that this is the case, please review our Code of Conduct.


Our events are designed with accessibility in mind and we take various approaches, highlighted in our accessibility plan, to ensure we are meeting everyone’s needs in the best way we can.

Supporting contributors

When creating the event, we mentor our speakers and workshop facilitators to make the space as accessible as possible. For example, we ask our speakers to describe important images on slides during talks.