Accessibility plan

We are working towards ensuring the online conference is as accessible as possible. 


Right now, we are planning to use Zoom webinar as it is a widely used platform with familiar functionality. 


Talks will be pre-recorded so that we can ensure:

For the Q+A period, we are aiming for live human captioning, with automatic captions as a backup in case there are any technical glitches. 

Session recordings

Recordings of the sessions will be available afterwards with captions and transcripts. 

Speaker appearances

Speaker appearances will also be described by the host prior to the talk. We will ask for speakers to provide these when sending across their videos.


We will aim that workshop facilitators use collaboration tools that will not be a barrier for people. For example, we will not use Miro.


These plans were made in collaboration with our sponsor, Fable, who are digital accessibility experts.

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