Designing the Participant Experience at the Royal National Institute for Deaf People by Tyler Gindraux

By understanding research through a participant’s perspective, we can design better experiences while delivering worthwhile findings. At the Royal National Institute for Deaf People (RNID), we’ve done the work to understand what it’s like to participate in our research. Through this talk, I’ll showcase how we mapped our participant experience and its impact on the way we do research now.

Tyler Gindraux smiling

Tyler Gindraux

Tyler's bio

Tyler is a User Researcher with experience working in National charities on User Experience and Digital teams. She’s currently at the Royal National Institute for Deaf People in the UK, where she facilitates research with deaf people and people with hearing loss to help us build accessible and useful products and services.

Tyler’s practice is grounded in participatory design, as she believes strongly in the importance of opening up design processes to involve the people who are most impacted by services, places and decisions. She discusses topics like this in a monthly newsletter, called Design With.