Curating psychological safety through the stages of your user research by Rachael Tunnard and Urška Tičar

Hear about how two user researchers put users at the centre of their planning, recruitment & research design to curate a sense of psychological safety for participants and the researchers.

Rachael & Urška are user researchers who recently conducted separate research projects which focussed on curating psychological safety across our work. Urška was researching over-worked key workers during the COVID-19 pandemic, while Rachael was working with participants who had experienced online harassment.

The talk will be set across the 4 main stages of the research cycle and they will talk you through the tools & methods they use to think about psychological safety throughout.

We’ll focus on:

  • planning - how to combine the needs of the project with constraints
  • recruitment - how to do mindful recruitment
  • execution - how to make sure you don’t leave someone in a worse state of mind than when we started the session
  • aftercare - how to make sure everyone involved has access to support, including your researcher
Rachael Tunnard standing smiling and looking off camera

Rachael Tunnard

Urška Tičar smiling and standing in front of a plant

Urška Tičar

Rachael's bio

Rachael is a user researcher. Since working with Paper she’s worked on projects for the private, public and third sector. She’s passionate about making people feel involved in every stage of research, encouraging teams to build empathy with their users and designing ethical research.

Before joining Paper she worked on product development, audience insights and has an MSc in Consumer Marketing.

Urška's bio

Urška has experience in understanding users, design thinking, design research, service design, mapping and prototyping. She has a Masters Degree in Digital Experience Design from Hyper Island and has been involved in projects with BBC, NHS, Hyper Island, and NCR Corporation.

She has been mentored by people from IDEO, Flamingo, Pivotal, and ustwo.

Her main interests are culture and people, ways to improve people's experiences and needs through the use of design.