Exploring Ordinary Moments that Shape Inclusive Workplace Experiences by Nicole Coumes

Why is creating a more just, equitable, and inclusive tech industry so difficult? The short answer: there is no silver bullet for inclusion! The reality of designing experiences is that they are shaped by many individuals who make countless seemingly inconsequential decisions that shape a result.

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In this workshop, we will explore how we can harness unremarkable moments to expand inclusion, create empathy, combat bias, and what happens when we let them slip by. In this interactive discussion, we will explore core concepts of inclusive design, learn from each other's experiences by mapping moments we have to include/exclude in our daily work, and begin to operationalize solutions to address exclusion. Whether you’re new to inclusive design or a seasoned pro, this session will give you the opportunity to have candid and practical conversations with other professionals about how to minimize moments of exclusion in the tech industry.

Please note this is an interactive session and that it will not be recorded to ensure we create a safe environment for participation.

Nicole standing in a darkly lit room with a spotlight on her smiling at the camera.

Nicole Coumes

Nicole's bio

Nicole is a user experience designer and researcher in the social sector who is passionate about creating inclusive and accessible experiences for all. Her work is connected by a love for research-driven design, rapid prototyping and ideation, and collaboration with a diverse range of thinkers. She currently designs at Forum One where she drives UX design strategy within mission-driven organizations such as the World Bank, Children's Hospital Colorado Foundation, and NRDC. Connect with her on Twitter / Linkedin