Parting The Roots by Simone Wright

Simone Wright created Parting The Roots after experiencing a misguided Diversity and Inclusion training that misinformed employees about Black hair. Now, Simone is working to ensure that people understand these nuances because whether you curl it or straighten it, dye it or braid it, hair is a very personal and important part of ones identity. For some, it is their crowning glory and others, a constant battle.

Parting The Roots works to educate and engage the Canadian public by sharing the history, politics and art behind Black hair. It is a platform that sheds light on the misconceptions concerning Black hair and the styles worn. Parting The Roots is an opportunity to normalize, inspire and empower Black individuals with their hair in any state, while celebrating the uniqueness, diversity and dopeness of Black hair.

I will be presenting a chronological history of Black hair. The goal is to understand the history, significance, tools, rituals disrupted through slavery, after slavery, assimilating, competing, the demands to alter appearance. I'll also be looking at Black business history, the natural hair movement, cultural appropriation and appreciation, and the movement to normalize Black hair. I will leave some parting words on how we can create a safe, diverse and inclusive space for Black hair.

Simone Wright wearing a black hat and striped t-shirt smiling at the camera in front of a bookshelf.

Simone Wright

A photo of Simone in a pink turtle neck holding a magazine with Angela Davis on the front. Simone's hair matches Angela Davis'.

Photo from Parting The Roots - Style versus statement

Simone's bio

Simone Wright is a Community Image Activist and Cultural Curator. She is the Founder of Parting The Roots a grassroots organization operating out of the city of Toronto. Simone has been featured on CBC and Toronto Life sharing her message. Simone also has numerous years of experience as an Insight Manager at Fortune 500 Companies

A photo of Simone holding a photo with a photo of someone which says below "Could this girl vamp your sweetie?". Simone's hair matches the hair on the image she is holding

Photo from Parting The Roots - Appearance