Are co-creation methods really inclusive? How your team can build equity into co-creation sessions by Kate Matesic

In this talk, we'll explore ways to shift co-creation workshops towards equity.

My talk will explore the ways in which co-creation methods in design and research might not be equitable and how to shift your co-creation sessions towards fair and inclusive practices. We'll investigate ways of being more inclusive in the preparation for, the process of, and the outcomes of co-creation sessions in design. 

The talk's content will draw from the learning I gained during my 8-month undergraduate thesis project. I conducted user research and desk research into equity-centred co-creation and created a resulting guide to establishing inclusive session design from which this talk is based on.

Kate Matesic smiling at the camera in a navy shirt.

Kate Matesic

Kate's bio

Kate is a multidisciplinary designer and researcher, currently working at Say Yeah, a digital management consultancy, delivering inclusively designed products and services. Kate is a graduate of Sheridan College’s Bachelor of Interaction Design. An enthusiastic advocate of designing for social good, she’s most excited by public innovation projects and leveraging design to increase access and inclusion for people.  
When she’s not designing, Kate can be found going for runs and volunteering with local civic tech projects with organizations like Civic Tech Toronto and Future of Engagement.