Design Research for Social Taboos by Ankita Mirani and Apoorva Jain

India is not a diabetic friendly society, there is a lot of taboo especially around Type 1 Diabetes. We are designing for supporting the mothers who are battling this taboo amongst other things to manage the condition on their kids behalf.

Children with Type 1 Diabetes represent perhaps the least vocal and most unheard segment of people with diabetes. They are dependent upon family and other caregivers to manage the condition on their behalf.

Other than low awareness about the condition, India also isn't a diabetes-friendly society, this adds on to the challenge of managing the extensive condition for the primary caretaker. All the challenges affect their adherence to diabetes management regiment and their quality of life. It is important to learn appropriate strategies to assist them in coping with these challenges, adjusting to their situation, improving their quality of life, and encouraging more understanding and appropriate relationships within the family and the community.

Join us as we decode how we designed a management program for the primary caregivers of Type 1 Diabetic children for enabling and empowering them to managing the condition stress free.

Ankita looking up towards the sky and smiling in front of a blue wall.

Ankita Mirani

Apoorva smiling at the camera

Apoorva Jain

Screenshot taken of a workshop on zoom where 6 people's faces are showing on camera, all looking at a blue slide with information about hypoglycaemia.

Photo from online workshop

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